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Jim and AnneJim and Anne met while living in North Carolina. Upon retirement, they realized their dream of full-time RV living. They sold their house and hit the road, traveling around North America for almost three years.

After they decided to end their RV adventure, they settled in New York City, in the neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where they now live.

They enjoy music, art, lectures, comedy, food, photography, volunteer work, and exploring off the beaten track places in NYC.

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One of Jim's hobbies is photography. You can see some of his photographs in the Photo Gallery. The albums contain many family and travel pictures. Check back often for recent photos and taken in NYC and on travels.

RV Adventures

Jim and Anne took off three years (2005-07), sold their house and lived in an RV, traveling around the country. It was a marvelous experience. Some of it is captured in the Photo Gallery

Family Matters

The Family Matters Page contains pages related to Jim's family.

Jim's uncle, J.E. Wroten, was a Mississippi State Representative during the 1950-60's civil rights era. We are fortunate to have our friend Dr. Yasuhiro Katagiri's doctoral project, an oral history of J.E. Wroten. (University of Southern Mississippi, 1993). We also have Jeff Sainsbury's oral history interview with Jim's uncle (Mississippi State University, 1992).

We have additional material related to the civil rights era that pertain to Jim or his dad, J.D. Wroten, Jr.

We have sermons preached by Jim's grandfather, J.D. Wroten, Sr, who was a United Methodist Pastor for many years in the Mississippi Annual Conference.